Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply EZ Street cold asphalt to a pothole filled with water?

How do I apply EZ Street cold asphalt to a pothole filled with water?

Remove the loose debris….water is not the issue. EZ Street Asphalt will displace the water. Compact the material as you would normally and leave a slight crown on the patch. Traffic will additionally compact the material over time.

What’s so special about the EZ Street bag?

The EZ Street bag is made of durable poly-vinyl that helps prevent breakage – a first in the industry. EZ Street cold asphalt lasts for at least a year in the bag.

How long does EZ Street cold asphalt stay workable in a stockpile?

EZ Street cold asphalt stays workable in a stockpile for at least 6 months in a 50-ton pile stacked 2 meters high. But we’ve had smaller stockpiles last over a year outside. If you leave the stockpile undisturbed for a long period of time, a protective crust may form over the pile. This is a built-in mechanism to prevent premature hardening of your stockpile. If this happens, simply have your loader “fluff up” the material prior to loading the truck. This will rejuvenate the EZ Street cold asphalt.

How long after applying EZ Street cold asphalt does traffic have to be diverted?

EZ Street cold asphalt is ready for traffic the instant you throw it in the hole. In fact, many EZ Street users keep bags in their trucks so when they come across a pothole they can just throw it in the hole and let traffic compact it.

Where can I purchase EZ Street cold asphalt?

EZ Street is available in select Canadian markets.
View our Locations page for more information.
EZ Street Canada is currently recruiting new distributors.

Does EZ Street get harder to work with as the temperature gets colder?

All EZ Street mixes are designed for a region’s broader climatic conditions. So, if your geographic region should experience its normal winter temperatures, then EZ Street cold asphalt should be designed to work relatively easy in that environment. Generally though, the colder it gets, the stiffer the material becomes to work with.

Can I order less than a pallet worth of 50lb bags?

Yes! For orders less than 1 pallet (56 bags per pallet) we direct you to your nearest distributor location. See our locations page for more detail.

Can I use EZ Street to pave my driveway?

No! EZ Street Asphalt is primarily a repair product and not a paving product. Although we have used EZ Street Asphalt for some specialty paving applications, for low traffic surfaces such as a driveway, secondary compaction is not easily achieved and the product does not set fast enough for that type of application.

How does EZ Street cold asphalt compare with regards to cost?

EZ Street Asphalt is a premium cold asphalt that costs more per tonne than hot mix or conventional cold mix asphalt. However, EZ Street cold asphalt actually costs less once all factors are considered. For example, say you are filling potholes with hot mix, first you have to wait in line at the plant, then you have to saw-cut the edges, clean the hole, and apply tack coat. Then apply the messy hot mix, roll it, and then wait some time before you can open that area to traffic. Don’t forget the wasted mix still left in the truck or the time it takes to clean it out. It is bad enough that agencies are paying once to patch potholes this way, but with conventional cold mix, re-patching the same area more than once is commonplace. This results in a multiplying effect of “all” of the costs in the pothole repair process – the material, labor, equipment, and overhead. Now imagine fixing potholes with EZ Street cold asphalt straight from a stockpile or a pallet of bags in your own yard ready for any job that comes up. Next, picture crews that accomplish twice as much because they do not have to do any of the prep work associated with hot asphalt. There is virtually no clean-up time, no wasted product, and no traffic interruption. EZ Street cold asphalt will even fix holes filled with water. Try that with hot mix or conventional cold mix!

What Tools are required?

One person, a shovel, a broom, pair of gloves, and a hand tamper or other item that will compact EZ Street product. Watch our demonstration video

Will the product track “black” on my expensive wool rug?

When in doubt, check your shoes at the door. As a rule of thumb, EZ Street cold asphalt tends not to stick to clean shovels, clean shoes, etc. But, please exercise caution. Depending on the weather conditions (hotter makes the product more fluid), the liquid component of the EZ STREET cold patch will stick more. So, when in doubt, check the shoes at the door.

Why does EZ Street cold asphalt come in a plastic bag versus a bucket?

We generally favor this flexible format because it: a) provides the best medium for our product to guarantee shelf life b) it carries well in this format and c) will take up the least amount of landfill space.

Will the product compact or settle once it is in place, and if so, what do I do?

Great question, “yes”. When filling any pothole or repair of any sort, you will leave a small “crown” above it – to allow for compaction. How much? That will vary on the size of the hole to begin with, and the amount of secondary compaction (car traffic, etc. received after you patch), more compaction, more settling. For a rule of thumb, a quarter inch “crown” seems to work well. The good thing though, is if you do get some additional settlement, you can come back and put some more right over the top.

What is the coldest reported climate EZ Street cold patch has been used in?

In Siberia (Russia) where we understand it is always “very” cold.

Can I really save money using EZ Street cold asphalt on potholes?

Yes you can! When you use other cold asphalt products and you have to return to repair a second and third time your costs of labour and equipment are doubled and tripled!

Learn how to save money on potholes.

Can I seal over EZ Street cold patch, and, if so, how long do I have to wait to do the sealing?

Generally, our customer consensus is: provided you use a high quality sealer, and wait a minimum of 30 days prior to sealing, you can seal over EZ Street cold patch.

Should I clean the pothole out before I fill in with EZ Street pothole patch?

Remove as much of the loose debris from the hole; the better it is cleaned, the better the performance.

How long will the product last in the bag?

One Year.

Can I use EZ Street cold patch over concrete?

Yes, it will stick to concrete, brick, and a variety of other surfaces.

How many bags will one pothole require?

Please refer to EZ Street’s Usage Guide to estimate your project needs.

What is EZ Street cold asphalt made of?

The highest quality ingredients, consistent of a refined gradation of rock and sand, and a proprietary polymer formulation (the secret ingredients).