Pavement and Road Surfacing

Pavement and Road Surfacing

City of Edmonton, Alberta

EZ Street Asphalt demonstrates excellent performance when or where there is a limited paving season.

Highway 99 "Grind & Pave" Resurfacing, Vancouver BC

EZ Street Asphalt resolved a number of pavement repairs during a chilly, wet overnight paving project.

Northwest Territories Hwy No. 3 | -10C

EZ Street Asphalt outperforms under very extreme winter conditions.

Toronto Pearson Airport, Ontario

EZ Street Asphalt’s self-healing properties generate long term savings.

Yellowknife NWT N’dilo Community

EZ Street Asphalt proves even a remote location cannot deter performance.

Paving Solution

EZ Street Cold Asphalt in Water

EZ Street is more than a pothole repair solution – it’s like hot mix in a bag with many paving benefits. Many of our customers have utilized EZ Street for large scale paving projects. Eliminate cold joints permanently with EZ Street polymer-modified Asphalt.