How to Save Money on Pothole Repair

How to Save Money on Pothole Repair

For most of Canada, the spring thaw brings more potholes than we care to handle. Potholes cause us all extreme aggravation and every spring cost municipalities across the country millions of dollars in repairs.

For emergency utility and pothole repairs, the most common and widely used material in Canada is a standard cold mix asphalt. Even when installed correctly, standard cold mix asphalt repairs rarely succeed. In fact some work crews have reported replacing standard cold mix patches twice in the same day! Using standard cold mix asphalt almost always requires a repeat visit to re-patch the pothole.

Enter EZ Street!

EZ Street is a high performance, polymer modified asphalt that is specifically engineered to ensure a permanent pothole repair! EZ Street works in water and all weather conditions, is available in convenient packaging, and has a shelf life of up to 1 year. EZ Street has even been used for highway paving! No other cold mix on the market can make this claim.

EZ Street is being used across Canada and is gaining traction in the market as road managers realize that when it comes to potholes EZ Street is the best way to repair correctly the first time - and the best way to save money!

Here’s how using EZ Street Asphalt to repair potholes correctly the first time saves you money:

  • Repairing/patching potholes when they are new and small helps to maintain the integrity of the surrounding pavement and helps to preserve the life of the roadway;
  • Minimizes potential insurance claims;
  • Reduces the amount of patching material required to purchase and use;
  • Reduces labour, machinery and fleet costs and allows work crews to beallocated to other duties.

The best remedy to relieve the financial headache of pothole season is to patch once with EZ Street. EZ Street is available in:

  • 1 tonne sacks
  • 22 kg (50 lb) bags, or pallets (56 bags per pallet)
  • Bulk locations across Canada

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