For Contractor

For Contractor

Whether you are a professional contractor or do-it-yourselfer, EZ Street high performance asphalt is easy to install.

EZ Street cold mix works well with professional paving equipment just as well as it does with a simple shovel and hand tamper.

Explore our Applications pages for more detailed information on how to use EZ Street cold asphalt.

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Municipal roadways: Repairs are more efficient and less costly with EZ Street cold asphalt

EZ Street is used worldwide – in Canada, Europe, Latin America, Australia and the United States – changing the way that breaks in pavement are repaired. Able to be stockpiled for up to six months, there is no wait time for road crews at a hot mix plant. They simply use what they need, when they need it.


EZ Street Cold Asphalt in Water
EZ Street Cold Asphalt in Water

EZ Street cold asphalt can be used to patch or repair any pothole anywhere – city roads, highways, bridge surfaces, even parking lots. Install EZ Street in a water filled pothole and/or in freezing temperatures to -18 °C. When possible, clean foreign debris from the pothole utilizing a broom or compressed air then place EZ Street into the pothole and compact with a shovel, hand tamper, or drive over it. Watch our demonstration video. Typically, EZ Street material should be left higher than the surrounding hard surface in order to accommodate secondary compaction resulting from traffic flow.

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Utility Cuts, Overlays & Edge Repairs

EZ Street Cold Asphalt permanent overlays, utility cut and driveway repairs in Canada

There’s a better way for utility cut and trench reinstatements. EZ Street cold asphalt can be utilized as a permanent trench patching, overlay, or edge repair material if proper installation procedures are followed. As with any material, optimum placement of a well compacted, solid, unyielding base is imperative under the EZ Street material in order to avoid trench failure that can result from settling, rutting, or shoving. EZ Street cold asphalt can be expected to consolidate up to 40% before maximum density is achieved. Install in 25 mm lifts.

Manholes, Water Valves & Drains

EZ Street cold asphalt can serve as a permanent material around manhole covers, water valves, drains, and catch basin grates if installed properly. Achieving adequate compaction should be the primary focus as the hardware can cause significant compaction obstacles and may tend to shift under traffic. It is recommended that the EZ Street material be left slightly higher than the surrounding hard surface in order to accommodate secondary compaction as a result of traffic flow.

EZ Street Cold Asphalt for manholes and drains

Paving Solution

EZ Street Cold Asphalt in Water

EZ Street is more than a pothole repair solution – it’s like hot mix in a bag with many paving benefits. Many of our customers have utilized EZ Street for large scale paving projects. Eliminate cold joints permanently with EZ Street polymer-modified Asphalt.