We have been using EZ Street Asphalt since it became available in Alberta and have found nothing else comparable. The convenience of having EZ Street Asphalt in 50 pound bags had been a time saver and money saver. The 50 pound bags allows all the crews to have a bag or two in their trucks at all times which is very handy to patch a pothole they may come across at any time. Also the customer service goes above and beyond. I tip my hat to Marc and Carlye for their great service and for a great product like EZ Street.

— Mike Haanen

City of Fort Saskatchewan

As a Maintenance Contractor I found EZ Street Asphalt Repair to be a very easy product to use. It stays where you put it and outlasts other products on the market. We purchased it in the 1 tonne totes and in bulk to save on some of the costs. I recommend this product to anyone who has pothole issues and wants to repair them once instead of going back time and time again.

— Lorne Isberg

Former Road Maintenance Operations Manager
Mainroad East Kootenay Contracting LP

Thanks for the product. It worked great. Much more reliable than cold mix.

— William Hoban

Hoban Equipment, Vernon, BC

We have had no complaints about using EZ Street Asphalt since it was perfected with the bio fuel and it seems very consistent from load to load. We are using the bulk product and picking up 24MT each time. Over on Vancouver Island, British Columbia we have had some nasty potholes where chunks of the road are breaking up and really should have been milled and filled but because of the time of year that isn’t possible and a temporary fix is needed immediately.

We have been amazed how long EZ Street Asphalt will hold together the area until such time that a major repair can be scheduled without having to return constantly to check its progress.

— Stuart Eaton, Road Manager

Mainroad South Island Contracting LP